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Q:Should I reserve a limo in advance?
A:For better service, we always recommend our customers reserve limo in advance.

Q:Do we accept credit cards?
A:Yes, drivers are required to accept all major credit cards but no checks please.

Q:When I arrive at the airport when should I call to be picked up?
A:Claim your luggage then call the office with the door number you'll exit. Office will give description of limo, and its number. Please only call the office after you have your luggage.

Q:For how long after my arrival at the airport, is my reservation valid?
A:Reservations are held for 1 hour after the landing. Reservations not canceled 1 hour prior to arrival will be charged.

Q:Is there any extra charge for the airport pickup?
A:No, there is no extra charge for pickup from an airport.

Q:Can I reserve a limo online?
A:Yes, you can reserve a limo online, just go on our reservation page.

Q:How does an online reservation work?
A:Just fill out a reservation form and click on submit button. We can confirm your order by either calling you or emailing you.